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Chibi Maker OC
Want one? Note me please!
Half Body mlp Oc on paper
I don't have any examples to show you but i hope to get some up soon :)
Half body on ibis paint
These are a little easier to do xD
Full Bodys on Ibis paint
A little harder but i can do it xD

If you want one, gotta request!
full human body on paper
If you want one, gotta request!


Glorious Grass (My Photo Edit) :iconconniethecasanova:ConnieTheCasanova 13 26 MLP :iconhuirou:HuiRou 95 7 AT: Starlight Moon headshot :iconjetjetj:JetjetJ 6 2 Hello~! :icondolphinmlp:dolphinMLP 7 9 [Art trade] +WITH SPEEDPAINT~! ~READ DESCRIPTION~ :icondolphinmlp:dolphinMLP 4 22
Okay! So, I FINALLY managed to get a new drawing tablet. FINALLY.  F I N A L L Y.
I'm really sorry about all the late art trades, commissions etc that I have had to do late because of this. Now I can finally do them!
However, as always, there is one problem ;3; My new tablet isn't working properly with PT SAI. And so, I'm having to use FireAlpaca instead, which is good, but not as good.
I will upload some digital art soon (WITH A SPEEDPAINT! Yes, I can now get active on YT again!) and I would appreciate any advice!
Okay, here's my to-do list:
-AT with :iconstarlightmoon9: (I have had to restart this, but it will be finished soon!)
-Commish for :iconconniethecasanova: I have started this traditionally and am halfway through colouring, however I am not very proud of it so far and I'd like to start that one again as well. I'd love to make it a speedpaint!)
-Commish/adopt payment for :iconcrystal-cream: Please tell me if you have changed your mind as to which OCs I should draw ^^
:icondolphinmlp:dolphinMLP 2 16
Tackle Hugs From My Flower Sis (Birthday Gift) :iconconniethecasanova:ConnieTheCasanova 10 17 Starlight Moon [Commission] :iconstardustyt:StarDustYT 6 2 Adventure Fredbear - FNAF World - GIF Icon :icongeeksomniac:GEEKsomniac 351 42 Adventure Crying Child - FNAF World - Icon GIF :icongeeksomniac:GEEKsomniac 368 30 Adventure Nightmare - FNAF World - Icon GIF :icongeeksomniac:GEEKsomniac 270 20 Adventure Nightmare Fredbear - FNAF World - Icon :icongeeksomniac:GEEKsomniac 254 11 [FNAF:SL] Baby - Pixel Icon GIF :iconlittlebreadpixel:LittleBreadPixel 126 14 [FNAF:SL] (Ennard?) Animatronic Teaser Pixel GIF :iconlittlebreadpixel:LittleBreadPixel 221 19 [FNAF:SL] Ballora - Pixel Icon Gif :iconlittlebreadpixel:LittleBreadPixel 291 38 FNAF SISTER LOCATION - Funtime Foxy icon GIF :iconthequeenduck:TheQueenDuck 152 16




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Please Donate Stamp by Lunatta Work For Points 'Stamp' by Nessarie

I'll use these points for giving to friends, or maybe some commissions :)
I might even save up for core membership!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just a big mlp and undertale fan :D
kids like you... by SeaSaltShrimp (GIF not by me!its by :iconseasaltshrimp:
This will be full of art and sketches that are crap ._. So beware for cringe

But thanks for stopping by anyways :/

My current art…things… ._.
Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke Collabs open by KillboxGraphics Comms open by KillboxGraphics Trades open by KillboxGraphics

Adventure Nightmare Fredbear - FNAF World - Icon by GEEKsomniac Adventure Nightmare - FNAF World - Icon GIF by GEEKsomniac Adventure Crying Child - FNAF World - Icon GIF by GEEKsomniac Adventure Fredbear - FNAF World - GIF Icon by GEEKsomniac

Oh helo dere! <3
Glad you could stop by!
I mostly make arts and write stories!

Some info about meh!
Age: 14
Name: Call me Emily or Starlight
I am a singer, but i have stage fright ;o;
:iconconniethecasanova: MAH OTHER MAIN

thats all... IM SO LONEY ;o;

But if you mess with these people who I call friends, Honey, you got a big storm comin'. These people are like FAMILY to me.
I think that's all <3
Thank's for stopping!! <3


~Get away from me Time!~ Paper Art!
Base is by :iconmoshipixels:
Base link:…
Base Creator link:
"Oh come on, Midnight! You know you want to~"
"Just get away from me! I'm not THAT into you."
"Well, we ARE dating, right? We should start it."
Midnight Terror steps back away from TimeKeeper, putting on her bright red gloves that were sitting a table. TimeKeeper kept getting closer to her, with the 'evil' grin on his face.
"Just this one time, Midnight! Please? For me?~"
"Maybe later in the future, Time. But now, I have some business to attend to."
"Like what? Terrorizing the towns? You know you can't do that if you could!"
TimeKeeper got closer to Midnight that their bodies were touching. Midnight pushed him back just a little, so their bodies were not touching.
"What do you even have in your mouth, Time? It's getting very annoying to see those in your mouth."
Time takes it out to show Midnight what it was.
"It's a type of candy? I don't honestly know, but everyone, and i mean EVERYONE has it, just to show them off to their girls, So i thought, Might as well! Just to get my girls attention~"
TimeKeeper was now blushing, and so was Midnight.
"Alright. After I'm done with my work, we can watch The Little Mermaid"
TimeKeeper was now jumping up and down like a little girl, which made Midnight laugh, which was also something she has never done in months.
You thought that they were going to get naughty o3<
Don't worry xD They weren't :3
I hope you guys like!
:iconconniethecasanova: :icondolphinmlp:
Cute Starlight Moon [REMAKE!]
Remake of this lovely image…

I've been wanting to remake this image anyway, so i thought might as well.
I'll be doing more remakes soon!
Hope you guys like it!
:iconconniethecasanova: :icondolphinmlp:
If this is not a game, it has to happen. NOW. I would love to see a TemmieTale.
~I'm coming for you, Starlight Moon...~ Paper Art!
Base was made by :iconsaku02: (hopefully it's alright i could do this on paper ;3;)

Now, here is a character you may not know!
This, is Headphone Masters brother!
He is fully known as TimeKeeper! (Creative name there, Emily)

Here is some info about him!
Age: 19
Info about him: He was the nicest guy in school before he was like this. He had blonde hair with glasses, with blue eyes. He actually dated Starlight back in school. (This is his evil form btw.) Prom came along when he asks Starlight to the prom. While Headphone with no date at all, he decided to tag along with his older brother. While there, Starlight went to go hang out with Headphone, which he was leaning against a pole in the building. The, some druken dudes came along as accidentally bumped Starlight into Headphone, which then they accidentally kissed.
The next day after that, Headphones brother soon found at and kind of gotten angry. Here is some text that i'll make up to show you what it was like. (this will be from Headphones point of view)
Time: Why did you kiss him Starlight!?
Starlight: Fot the last time , it was on ACCIDENT! Some drunk dudes ran into me and our lips-
Time: Blah Blah Blah! Your so full of lies!
"I was starting to get a little angry at the fact that my own brother wouldn't listen to his girlfriend. Then, when I thought it was going to end, i never thought I would see my brother do this…"
Time: How about you just get away from me!
"He….HE…threw Starlight against a wall, making her go unconscious, with..something i never knew he had. Starlight was lying on the floor of the school hallway, making me think that she was dead. I ran to her and picked her up. Crying my eyes out, I ran out of the school building, not telling where I was going to the teachers, to canterlot castle, where Diamond and Starlight lived."
Time: Now, my time here is done. Im leaving this god for saken school and my family.
Maybe more dialogue will come soon ;)
Tell me what you guys think! Should I maybe add more details to the info?
Boi Boi for now guys!

:icondolphinmlp: :iconconniethecasanova:



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